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Elderspeak Workshops

Elevate healthcare communication with a transformative Elderspeak workshop, embracing the Co-generative Communication for Collaborative Care (CC4CC) framework. Combat condescension aimed at older adults by fostering better intergenerational relationships and communication for a harmonious healthcare environment while promoting health equity.

Death Doula Support

Tailored end-of-life plans for individuals and businesses, emphasizing values, legacy, and purpose. This includes open conversations about death and practical guidance. Emotional support for those planning for themselves or coping with recent/upcoming loss. For businesses, assistance with the loss of leaders, teammates, a business line, or facing closure. Addressing spiritual needs through personalized, meaningful end-of-life celebrations fostering a sense of connection and comfort.

Light and Shadow Portrait
Video Personality
Influencer Shooting a Video

Health Practitioner Brand Management

Transform your practitioner brand with specialized social media consulting tailored for an age-positive approach. From patient engagement to acquisition and retention, our strategies resonate across generations, ensuring a vibrant and positive representation of your practice.

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