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Coaching Areas

  • Legacy: Crafting a life story with intentional legacy designing 

  • Grief: Future planning and goal setting as a way to combat pain and emotional discomfort

  • Happiness: Learning to manifest joy and develop a practice of gratitude to work through life transitions 


Elderspeak Training: Designed for health professions students, providers, and community members looking to improve intergenerational communication skills

SDoH Solutionary® Training: Designed for all health and wellness professionals who want to work towards systemic change in healthcare. Learn the tools needed to coach, consult, and teach those in your communities about the five social determinants of health: healthcare, education, economic development, built environment, and social community

Conference Collaboration

Contact us for your conference speaking needs.

  • Topics: elderspeak, social determinants of health, aging, end-of-life, intergenerational health care, and millennial spirituality 


Signature Workshop:

  • Co-generative Communication for Collaborative Care

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